About Us

The Akankali Education Endowment Foundation is the initiative of Dr. Justin Akankali. His motivation to set up this foundation is informed by his personal experiences, observations and compelling societal changes.

The two greatest bane of literary development and enlightenment in our society has been deprivation and lack of opportunities to facilitate appropriate career guidance and counseling based on inherent capabilities and skills of the child.

This often leads young and promising minds to prematurely abandon prospective careers in pursuit of economic security and in often cases for survival. Although, this path to economic liberation of the individual often looks attractive, it however, has the fundamental flaw of not being sustainable in the long. Often times, it leads individuals into criminal ventures in their desperate bid to accomplish material success in the absence of adequate literary proficiency and sound knowledge.

Since the developed economies of the world thrive on the resourcefulness of creativity and entrepreneurship, it is not out of place to assert that a fundamental panacea to the promotion of excellence is channeling the energies of young minds into creative enterprises in order to produce accomplished literates for the human society.

The Akankali Educational Endowment Foundation will provide a literacy support platform for both the young and old, coastal and terrestrial communities and all relevant affected persons particularly in n Nigeria, to ensure appropriate knowledge impaction. This is expected to result in heightened socio-economic enlightenment, sustainable development and enhancement of ideal physical living environment for everyone.

In the face of the emerging global trends of climate change challenges and the need for sustainable use of the earth’s land and water¬† resources, the foundation is poised to enhance the knowledge of local communities in Nigeria, enhance the quality of life of riverine and coastal communities in particular. This shall be done through medical/ basic hygiene outreaches and general environmental/climate change education/ enlightenment campaign programmes.

It is therefore my humble submission that if we must create a truly socio-economically empowered generation-next, that is mindful of sustainable development and enhancement of ideal environment in all spheres of human endeavour, then we must strive to truly inspire a generation largely devoid of ignorance, through appropriate education and enlightenment.

Justin Akanakali (PhD)